Tri Auto ZX2 Endodontic Handpiece

J. Morita USA

The Tri Auto ZX2 Endodontic Handpiece – a groundbreaking, compact, and cordless motor equipped with a built-in apex locator – is designed to redefine endodontic procedures, providing dental professionals with advanced features and unparalleled precision for efficient and safe root canal treatments.

Key Features:

  • Apical Control with Apex Locator Function:
    • Achieve apical patency and create a glide path effortlessly with the new Optimum Glide Path (OGP) function.
    • Observe the file tip position through the integrated apex locator, ensuring precise and controlled endodontic preparation.
  • Innovative Functions for Subtle Manipulation:
    • Responsive handpiece enables subtle and delicate manipulation of the file, allowing for faster and safer treatment, even in challenging cases involving constricted or extremely curved canals.
    • OTR (Optimum Torque Reverse) technology reduces the risk of file jamming, breakage, and ledge formation, ensuring a smooth and controlled procedure.
  • Flexible, Lightweight, and Intuitive Design:
    • Cordless handpiece weighing only 140 grams ensures a well-balanced distribution of weight, enhancing practitioner comfort during treatment.
    • LCD display accommodates both left- and right-handed practitioners, offering flexibility in positioning for optimal visibility of file parameters.
  • Efficient Treatment with Apex Locator Integration:
    • Integrated apex locator provides exact measurement results, unaffected by rinsing fluids in the root canal.
    • Acoustic signals and a color display allow practitioners to monitor file distance from the apex, ensuring precise control throughout the procedure.
    • Mechanical preparation stages save time, with eight pre-set programs for short treatment sequences and variable speeds between 100 and 1,000 rpm.
  • Small Instrument Head for Enhanced Visibility:
    • The small instrument head provides a direct view of the preparation area, optimizing vision and enabling a greater working length.
    • Internal file electrode acts as a backup, further enhancing visibility and ensuring a clear line of sight.
  • 1-Year Warranty for Peace of Mind:
    • The Tri Auto ZX2 comes with a 1-year warranty, offering practitioners peace of mind and assurance in the durability and reliability of the product.
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Tri Auto ZX2 Contra Angle Attachment
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Root ZX File Holder 3/pk
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Contrary Electrode Lip Clips 5/pk
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Tri Auto ZX2 Handpiece Sleeves 100/bx
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