Dental Cements & Liners

Enhance Dental Procedures with Quality Cements & Liners

Scott's Dental Supply carries a diverse array of dental cements and liners meticulously curated to elevate professional dental practices. Our collection covers a spectrum of needs, with an assortment of permanent and temporary cements, glass ionomer cements, and specialized cavity liners and bases.

Permanent Dental Cements

Permanent dental cements used extensively in various dental procedures, including fixed prosthodontics, endodontics, and implant dentistry. Our selection includes versatile options such as resin-based, glass ionomer, and zinc phosphate cement, each designed to deliver reliable and enduring results across different applications.

Temporary Dental Cements

Temporary dental cements are provisional solutions for crowns or bridges until permanent restorations can be placed. Offering excellent retention and easy removal, they facilitate trial restorations to assess fit and esthetics. Our choice of temporary cements are convenient and adaptable for various dental procedures.

Glass Ionomer Cements

Glass ionomer cements represent a fusion of restorative and adhesive properties, serving as a versatile dental material. Scott's Dental Supply offers top-tier glass ionomer cements recognized for their fluoride release and excellent biocompatibility, providing lasting restorations and promoting oral health.

Cavity Liners & Bases

Bases and liners play pivotal roles in preventing post-operative sensitivity and ensuring the long-term success of restorative procedures. Our selection encompasses various materials, including calcium hydroxide, glass ionomer, and resin-modified glass ionomer, addressing diverse needs with tailored solutions.

Empower Your Practice with Quality Products

At Scott's Dental Supply, we prioritize high-quality products that empower dental professionals to deliver exceptional care. Our complete range of cements and liners is meticulously selected to for reliability, longevity, and superior performance across various dental procedures.

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