Digital X-Ray Sensors

Scott's Dental Supply offers digital dental x-ray sensors from brands like Polaroid, Iridium Dental and more. Digital x-ray sensors offer high quality images and come in different sizes for different dental applications like endodontics, periodontics and more. Their ergonomic design offers patients the maximium amount of comfort.

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  1. EVA Select Digital X-Ray Sensor


    As low as $214.95

  2. I-Rex Digital X-Ray Sensor

    Iridium Dental

    As low as $5,395.00

  3. Solo Digital X-Ray Sensor

    Jazz Imaging

    As low as $129.00

  4. Keren HD-S Digital X-Ray Sensor

    Polaroid Dental

    As low as $4,495.00

  5. Clio Digital X-Ray Sensor

    Sota Imaging

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5 Items

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