Cavity Liners & Bases

Understanding Dental Liners and Bases: Elevating Dental Restorations

Dental liners and bases represent critical components in restorative dentistry, strengthening the durability and success of various dental procedures. Scott's Dental Supply offers a premier collection of cavity liners and bases, including Lime-Lite Enhanced, Biodentine, Ceramir Protect LC, and Activa BioActive Base/Liner, designed to elevate dental restorations to new heights of efficacy and longevity.

Distinguishing Liners and Bases

  • Liners: Primarily utilized to protect the dental pulp from irritants, liners create a barrier between restorative materials and the tooth's vital tissues. They offer a thin protective layer and may contain fluoride, aiding in preventing secondary decay.
  • Bases: Designed to provide additional support for restorations, bases have a thicker layer compared to liners. They assist in thermal insulation, reducing the risk of post-operative sensitivity, and provide mechanical support for restorations.

Versatile Applications of Liners and Bases

  • Dental Liners' Applications:
    • Minimize pulp irritation caused by restorative materials.
    • Promote dentin remineralization and strengthen tooth structure.
    • Aid in the prevention of bacterial penetration and subsequent decay.
  • Dental Bases' Applications:
    • Offer thermal insulation to protect the pulp from temperature changes.
    • Provide additional support for deep restorations.
    • Enhance the longevity and success of dental restorations.

Key Products in Cavity Liners & Bases

  • Lime-Lite Enhanced: A light-cured resin liner with fluoride release, promoting tooth remineralization and reducing post-operative sensitivity.
  • Biodentine: A bioactive dentin substitute that promotes dentin remineralization and forms a protective barrier for the pulp.
  • Ceramir Protect LC: A bioactive, biocompatible, and hydrophilic dental material offering outstanding dentin bonding and promoting pulp vitality.
  • Activa BioActive Base/Liner: A moisture-friendly, bioactive base/liner that actively participates in the natural remineralization process of the tooth structure.

Elevating Dental Restorations

At Scott's Dental Supply, our wide-ranging assortment of cavity liners and bases represent our commitment to empowering dental professionals with high-quality materials. Explore our curated selection, designed to optimize patient outcomes and raise the standard of dental restorations.

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