Prophy Paste

Prophy paste is a cornerstone in dental hygiene practices, and at Scott's Dental, we offer a diverse selection of prophy paste options tailored to meet the varying needs of dental professionals. Explore our product range, including brands like Premier, Young, and Kolorz, and Scott’s Select Prophy Paste to elevate your dental care procedures.

Understanding Prophy Paste

Prophy paste is a specialized dental product primarily used for prophylaxis, commonly known as teeth cleaning. The paste contains abrasive particles, polishing agents, and typically fluoride, aiding in the removal of plaque, stains, and surface irregularities from teeth surfaces during dental cleanings.

Versatility of Prophy Paste

The versatility of prophy pasted serves multiple purposes within dental practices, contributing significantly to maintaining oral health. Along with plaque removal, prophy paste also facilitates the polishing of tooth surfaces, leaving them smooth and shiny, enhancing patients' overall dental experience.

Utilization of Prophy Paste

Prophy paste is used with dental prophylaxis procedures. Dental practitioners pair it with a prophy angle attached to a slow-speed handpiece for optimal application and effectiveness. The prophy cup or brush aids in the even distribution of the paste onto tooth surfaces for comprehensive cleaning and polishing.

Products Complementing Prophy Paste

Dental professionals often apply supplementary products with prophy paste to enhance the prophylaxis procedure. These include prophy angles, prophylaxis brushes, and specialized devices like air polishers, working synergistically to achieve thorough cleaning and polishing results.

Most Popular Prophy Pastes

Our top selling prophy pastes include:

  • Enamel Pro Prophy Paste: Renowned for its exceptional polishing properties. Formulated with fluoride and a unique blend of abrasives, it effectively removes stains while strengthening tooth enamel. This paste is a popular choice among practitioners aiming for superior cleaning and protection for their patients' teeth.
  • D-Lish Prophy Paste: Stands out for its delightful flavors and efficient stain removal capabilities. Available in an array of appealing tastes, this paste ensures a pleasant patient experience during dental cleanings while delivering optimal cleaning results.
  • Topex Prophy Paste: Recognized for its reliable performance in removing stubborn stains and plaque. Formulated with quality ingredients, it provides a smooth polishing effect, leaving teeth surfaces gleaming and refreshed after each procedure.
  • Kolorz Prophy Paste: Offers a gluten-free formula in multiple grits and fun flavors that is gentle on tooth surfaces while providing excellent polishing outcomes for plaque and stain removal for immediate results.

Prophy Paste: In Summary

At Scott's Dental, we understand the significance of using top-quality prophy paste in dental prophylaxis procedures. Our comprehensive collection includes Enamel Pro, D-Lish, Topex, Kolorz, and various other trusted products, ensuring that dental practitioners have access to premium products for effective plaque removal, stain elimination, and superior polishing. Elevate your dental cleaning procedures by exploring our range of prophy paste options today.