Columbia Curettes

Advancing Periodontal Precision with Columbia Curettes

Experience unmatched precision and efficacy in periodontal care with our comprehensive selection of Columbia Curettes. These instruments address subgingival calculus and plaque, for superior periodontal treatments.

Purpose and Application

  • Columbia Curettes: Specialized instruments used for precise subgingival scaling and root planing, effectively removing calculus and biofilm.
  • Columbia 13-14 Curettes: Specifically tailored for thorough cleaning and debridement in the posterior regions.

Distinguishing Columbia from McCall Curettes

  • Columbia Curettes: Have a longer, more complex shank than McCall Curettes, for better access to deeper pockets.
  • McCall Curettes: Have a shorter, simpler shank, for easier access to shallow pockets and facilitating better tactile sensation.

Explore Our Premium Columbia Curettes

  • Resin 8 Colors 2.0 Columbia Curettes: Incorporate a vibrant touch to your practice with our Resin 8 Colors 2.0 Columbia Curettes. Color-coded for easy identification, these instruments offer enhanced organization and convenience.
  • EverEdge 2.0 Columbia Curettes: Superior cutting-edge technology of EverEdge 2.0 in our Columbia Curettes, assuring prolonged sharpness and consistent performance.

Delivering Superior Care

Engineered with precision and durability, our Columbia Curettes provide unparalleled tactile sensitivity and exceptional calculus removal. Elevate your treatments and ensure optimal patient care with these precision instruments.

Empower your dental practice with the exceptional quality and precision of Columbia Curettes from Scott’s Dental Supply, guaranteeing superior results in periodontal care.