Sofreliner Tough

Tokuyama America

SOFRELINER Tough is an addition-cured silicone material for relining dentures on patients that require relief on upper or lower, partial or full dentures. With superb stain resistance, excellent adhesion to the denture, and superior tear resistance, Sofreliner Tough ensures patient satisfaction for up to 24 months.

Features & Benefits:

  • Long lasting softness for comfort up to 2 years
  • Excellent durability
  • Strong adhesion to the denture
  • High tear, stain, and odor resistance
  • Long lasting surface smoothness helps prevent bacteria and odor build up
  • Easy auto-mixing system with 40% less waste
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Sofreliner Tough S (Soft) Standard Kit
725-23401 Tokuyama America 23401
Contains SDS
$ 179.95
Sofreliner Tough M (Medium) Standard Kit
725-23351 Tokuyama America 23351
Contains SDS
$ 179.95
Sofreliner Tough S (Soft) 52g Cartridge Single Pack
725-23411 Tokuyama America 23411
$ 139.95
Sofreliner Tough M (Medium) 52g Cartridge Single Pack
725-23356 Tokuyama America 23356
$ 139.95
Sofreliner Tough Primer 10ml
725-23441 Tokuyama America 23441
$ 44.95
Silicone Remover 7ml Bottle
725-23337 Tokuyama America 23337
$ 34.95
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