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Topical Anesthetics

Dental topical anesthetics, like 20% Benzocaine gel and 5% Lidocaine cream, provide fast acting pain relief to patients during oral procedures. It is also used to provide relief for other kinds of patient discomfort including discomfort resulting from wearing orthodontic appliances. Most dental numbing cream takes effect approximately 15-30 seconds after application, making it a quick solution to pain a patient may be feeling. Additionally, anesthetics are available in either a spray or gel and come in a variety of flavors avoiding any kind of bad after taste. Scott's Dental Supply stocks a wide variety of topical anesthetics at every day low prices.

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  1. Hurricaine


    As low as $8.49

  2. LolliCaine


    As low as $49.95

  3. Cetacaine Topical Anesthetic Liquid

    Cetylite Industries

    As low as $79.95

  4. Kolorz Topical Anesthetic Gel

    DMG America

    As low as $7.49

  5. Gingicaine Gel


    As low as $7.49

  6. CaineTips

    J. Morita USA

    As low as $27.95

  7. Lidocaine Topical Ointment 5%


    As low as $25.95

  8. Topex Topical Anesthetic Gel

    Sultan Healthcare

    As low as $9.95

  9. Topex Topical Metered Spray

    Sultan Healthcare

    As low as $21.95

11 Items

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