Dental Preventives

Scott's Dental Supply is committed to nurturing optimal oral health as evident by our vast preventative inventory featuring an extensive spectrum of specialized tools and materials, from brands such as Hu-Friedy, Young, Sunstar, Parkell and more.

Explore an array of essentials including disposable prophy angles for thorough plaque removal, premium-grade prophy paste for revitalizing smiles, meticulously formulated fluoride varnish to strengthen enamel, state-of-the-art ultrasonic inserts and scalers for comprehensive dental prophylaxis, and finely crafted piezo scaling tips. Each product is chosen to improve preventive dental care practices and elevate patient care.

The Significance of Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is the foundation for optimal oral health, aiming to address dental concerns before they escalate. Our extensive selection of high-quality products enables dental professionals to treat common issues like cavities, gingivitis, enamel erosion, and periodontitis effectively.

Essential Tools for Proactive Care

At Scott's Dental Supply, we're not about just selling products; we're your allies in promoting exceptional oral health. Count on our commitment to innovation and expertise to stay ahead in preventive dentistry, including:

  • Prophy Angles for Precision Cleaning: Our top-tier prophy angles guarantee efficient and accurate cleaning during dental prophylaxis procedures, aiding in thorough plaque and tartar removal.
  • Revitalize Smiles with Prophy Paste: Our prophy pastes effectively polish teeth surfaces, removing stubborn stains and ensuring a refreshed and rejuvenated smile.
  • Fortify Teeth with Fluoride Varnish: Protect against decay and strengthen enamel with our fluoride varnish solutions. Concentrated fluoride application helps reduce the risk of cavities, supporting lasting oral health.
  • State-of-the-Art Ultrasonic Instruments: Explore advanced ultrasonic inserts and scalers, designed for comprehensive dental prophylaxis for thorough and comfortable cleanings.
  • Enhance Precision with Piezo Scaling Tips: Expertly manufactured piezo scaling tips facilitate meticulous scaling procedures, prioritizing patient comfort while effectively removing plaque.

Dental Preventative Products: In Summary

Prioritize preventive dentistry to preserve optimal oral health for your patients. Scott's Dental Supply is your destination for top-tier, comprehensive preventive dentistry tools and materials, ensuring exceptional care and patient satisfaction.

Navigate our user-friendly platform and discover an extensive portfolio of preventive dentistry supplies. Our dedicated customer service team will assist you with selecting the most suitable supplies for your practice's unique needs.