Dental Air Polishers

Air polishers are innovative tools revolutionizing dental cleaning procedures, and at Scott's Dental, we offer a range of air polishers designed to elevate the dental care experience. Explore our selection featuring renowned brands such as EMS and Acteon to upgrade your dental practice.

Understanding Air Polishers

An air polisher is an advanced dental device utilized for professional teeth cleaning. This handheld tool employs a combination of air, water, and specially formulated polishing powder to effectively remove stains, plaque, and biofilm from tooth surfaces, providing patients with a comprehensive and gentle cleaning experience.

Utilization of Dental Air Polishers

Dental air polishers are user-friendly devices that apply a controlled stream of air and water to propel a fine powder onto the tooth surfaces. The mixture of air, water, and polishing powder flows through a nozzle, enabling the removal of surface stains and biofilm without causing damage to the enamel or soft tissues.

Distinguishing Airflow Polishing from Scale and Polish

Airflow polishing, facilitated by air polishers, is a teeth cleaning technique that differs from traditional scale and polish procedures. While scale and polish typically involve manual removal of tartar and plaque using dental hygiene instruments, airflow polishing employs a high-pressured stream of air, water, and powder to achieve a more efficient and less invasive cleaning process.

Products Used with Air Polishers

Alongside air polishers, dental professionals often use supplementary products to enhance the cleaning process. These include prophy paste, prophy angles, and specialized handpieces, all complementing the air polishing procedure to ensure comprehensive cleaning and polishing for patients.

EMS Air Polishers

EMS air polishers, such as the Airflow Prophylaxis Master, are celebrated for their gentle yet effective cleaning action. With their advanced technology and versatility, these air polishers efficiently remove stains and biofilm while ensuring patient comfort during dental hygiene cleanings.

Acteon Air Polisher

Acteon air polishers are known for their reliability and performance. These devices offer consistent and powerful cleaning results, contributing to a comprehensive dental cleaning experience that leaves teeth feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Dental Air Polishing Systems: In Summary

At Scott's Dental, we recognize the importance of incorporating advanced tools like air polishers into dental practices to ensure optimal patient oral health. Our selection includes Prophy Air, EMS, Acteon, and other trusted brands, providing dental professionals with the means to deliver thorough, comfortable, and efficient dental cleanings. Elevate your dental care standards by exploring our range of air polishers today.