Dental Aspirating Syringes

Experience precision and comfort in local anesthetic administration with our hypodermic aspirating syringes. Designed for injecting local anesthetics like Lidocaine, these syringes come in standard and small sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit for various thumb sizes.

Crafted from lightweight aluminum and durable surgical-grade stainless steel, our dental aspirating syringes offer an ergonomic design for comfortable handling and precise control. Some models feature silicone handles and wings for maximum security during aspiration.

Scott's Dental Supply presents a diverse selection of aspirating syringes from top brands including Septodont, Hu-Friedy, and Miltex. Advance your practice with high-quality instruments that enhance precision, control, and comfort during local anesthetic procedures.

Explore our selection today to boost your precision and comfort in anesthetic administration, for a seamless practitioner and patient experience.