High-Speed Handpieces

When it comes to precision and efficiency in dental procedures, nothing matches the prowess of high-speed dental handpieces. These sophisticated tools come in a variety of options including lube-free, torque and optic styles. In conjunction with friction grip carbide burs, high-speed handpieces operate with remarkable RPMs to excel in cavity excavation, margin creation, and various dental procedures. At Scott's Dental Supply, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of high-speed handpieces, including top-tier brands like Star Dental, J. Morita and Vector R&D, providing practitioners with unparalleled reliability and performance.

Unmatched Speed and Precision

High-speed dental handpieces operate at impressive RPMs, ensuring swift and exact dental work. Their rapid rotations enable efficient cavity preparation and intricate detailing, reducing procedural time while maintaining accuracy.

Enhanced Accessibility and Visibility

Featuring a compact head size, these handpieces offer superior access and visibility within the oral cavity. This design enhances optimal maneuverability and visibility, facilitating intricate dental procedures with ease.

Steady and Consistent Performance

Air-powered high-speed handpieces deliver steady, consistent drilling performance, minimizing noise levels akin to electric handpieces. This feature enhances patient comfort and allows practitioners to work with care and minimal distractions.

Trusted Brands and Replacement Turbines

Scott's Dental Supply stocks a wide array of high-speed handpieces, including replacement turbines from leading brands like Star Dental and J. Morita, ensuring continued reliability and longevity of your equipment.

Operating Pressure and Speed

The ideal PSI (pounds per square inch) for high-speed handpieces typically ranges between 35 and 60 PSI. These handpieces operate from 400,000 RPMs or more, enabling swift and efficient dental procedures.

Lifespan and Maintenance

The average lifespan of a high-speed handpiece can vary based on usage and maintenance. Proper care and regular maintenance, including cleaning and lubrication, can extend the lifespan significantly. It's recommended to clean and lubricate the handpiece after each use and follow manufacturer guidelines for routine maintenance.

Hygiene and Sterilization

To ensure optimal hygiene, high-speed handpieces should be flushed for a minimum of 20-30 seconds between patients. These handpieces must also undergo thorough sterilization procedures following each use. Sterilization methods typically include autoclaving or chemical vapor sterilization, adhering strictly to manufacturer instructions.

Uses and Advantages of High-Speed Handpieces

The advantages of high-speed handpieces are in their speed, precision, and maneuverability, allowing for swift cavity preparation, margin creation, and various dental procedures with minimal discomfort to patients.

Cleaning and Lubrication Frequency

Routine cleaning and lubrication are essential for the maintenance of high-speed handpieces. After each use, cleaning should be conducted promptly, and thorough lubrication is recommended following manufacturer guidelines. Regular maintenance schedules should be followed diligently to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

High-Speed Handpieces: In Summary

High-speed handpieces are indispensable tools in dentistry, providing practitioners with the dexterity and precision needed for intricate procedures. At Scott's Dental Supply, our commitment lies in offering top-quality equipment from leading brands, ensuring that dental professionals have access to cutting-edge tools that elevate patient care and streamline dental processes.

This detailed range of high-speed handpieces and replacement turbines, coupled with our dedication to customer satisfaction, reinforces our position as your trusted partner in dental equipment procurement and maintenance.

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