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Surgical Handpieces

Dental surgical handpieces paired with surgical burs perform endodontic, periodontal and other kinds of procedures. Air powered surgical handpieces are designed to port air away from the surgical location to lower the risk of air embolism. Scott's Dental Supply provides a selection of 45-degree air powered surgical handpieces from brands like Star Dental and more.

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  1. TwinPower Turbine 45 Surgical Handpiece

    J. Morita USA

    As low as $599.95

  2. Impact Air 45 Surgical Handpiece

    Palisades Dental

    As low as $69.95

  3. 430 Series 45 Degree Surgical Handpiece

    Star Dental

    As low as $649.95

  4. Eco 45 Surgical Handpiece

    Vector R&D

    As low as $349.95

4 Items

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