Dental Instruments

A Comprehensive Range of Dental Instruments

Scott's Dental Supply is your gateway to finely crafted dental instruments tailored for dental professionals seeking precision, reliability, and unparalleled performance. Delve into our comprehensive collection sourced from industry-leading brands like American Eagle Instruments and HuFriedy, designed to serve diverse dental needs.

Common Dental Instruments

Our expansive inventory includes a diverse range of instruments, each serving a unique purpose:

  • Barnhart Curettes: Precision-crafted for removal of calculus and plaque, for thorough oral care.
  • Columbia Curettes: Designed for root planing, these instruments play a pivotal role in comprehensive periodontal therapy.
  • Gracey Curettes: Known for their specialized tips, Gracey curettes navigate intricate root anatomy, for full plaque removal.
  • Implant Scalers: Engineered to delicately clean around implant surfaces without disturbing them.
  • Dental Mirrors: These mirrors offer crystal-clear reflections, for concise intraoral examinations and treatments.
  • Perio Probes: Vital tools for assessing periodontal health by measuring pocket depths and evaluating gum health.
  • Dental Scalers: Efficiently remove calculus and plaque while maintaining patient comfort and minimizing enamel damage.
  • Universal Curettes: Versatile tools capable of comprehensive cleaning across various tooth surfaces, for optimal oral hygiene.

Understanding Different Types of Scalers and Curettes

  • Gracey Curettes vs. Universal Curettes: Gracey curettes, designed for specific areas, target root surface cleaning, whereas universal curettes provide adaptability across different tooth surfaces.
  • Implant Scalers vs. Standard Scalers: Implant scalers, commonly crafted from titanium, are specifically engineered to clean implant surfaces without compromising their structure, while standard scalers provide general cleaning around natural teeth.

Finely-Crafted Instruments: A Closer Inspection

  • Premier Instruments
    • Advanced Materials: Constructed with high-quality materials assuring longevity and precision.
    • Innovative Designs: Ergonomic, user-friendly designs maximizing efficacy and comfort in various dental procedures.
  • American Eagle Instruments
    • Cutting-Edge Technology: Leveraging state-of-the-art advancements for exceptional design and performance.
    • Patient Comfort: Ergonomically designed tools prioritize patient comfort and minimize operator fatigue during dental procedures.
  • HuFriedy Instruments
    • Legacy of Excellence: A long history of craftsmanship, delivering reliability and quality in every tool.
    • Clinical Versatility: A diverse catalog of industry-leading products that supply a wide variety of dental procedures.

Elevate Your Dental Practice with Scott's Dental Supply

Our commitment is to provide a carefully curated collection of dental instruments that meet the exacting standards of dental professionals worldwide. Explore our expansive range and experience the blend of precision, reliability, and performance that sets the foundation for exceptional patient care and practice excellence.