Ivory ReLeaf introduces a game-changing innovation in dental suction technology with its hands-free High Volume Evacuation (HVE) device. Designed to seamlessly integrate with existing dental vacuum systems, ReLeaf revolutionizes evacuation, retraction, and the maintenance of a dry field during dental and hygiene procedures.

Features & Benefits

  • Latex-Free and BPA-Free Construction: Crafted from a custom blend polymer, Ivory ReLeaf ensures optimal comfort for patients while eliminating concerns of latex and BPA exposure.
  • Patient-Centric Design: Empower patients with control over fluid buildup and removal, reducing the risk of choking and gagging during procedures. The hands-free operation allows for effortless movement and communication without compromising suction efficiency.

For Patients: Hands-Free Comfort and Control

Ivory ReLeaf prioritizes patient comfort and safety with its latex-free and BPA-free construction, ensuring a soft and comfortable experience. Patients can effortlessly control fluid buildup and removal, minimizing discomfort and enhancing overall satisfaction.

For Practitioners: Ergonomic Efficiency for Enhanced Clinical Outcomes

Experience unparalleled ergonomic efficiency with Ivory ReLeaf, enabling seamless suction and maintenance of a dry field across a wide range of dental procedures. With full access to all four quadrants and a clear view of the oral cavity, practitioners can focus on delivering exceptional clinical outcomes without interruption.

For Dental Practices: Time Savings and Enhanced Productivity

Unlock up to 15 minutes of time savings per patient with Ivory ReLeaf, translating into substantial increases in daily productivity and revenue generation. By streamlining suction processes, dental practices can optimize staff capacity and allocate resources more efficiently, leading to significant cost savings over conventional suction solutions.

Elevate Your Dental Practice with Ivory ReLeaf

Join the forefront of dental innovation and efficiency with Ivory ReLeaf. Enhance patient comfort, streamline clinical workflows, and maximize practice productivity with this revolutionary hands-free HVE suction device. Experience the future of dental suction technology with Ivory ReLeaf.

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ReLeaf Leaf Refill 50/pk
667-1039 IPB Inc RLF10039
$ 49.95
  • 3 @ $ 46.95
Releaf Leaf Refill 100/pk
667-1040 IPB Inc RLF10040
$ 84.95
  • 3 @ $ 82.95
Releaf Mini Leaf Refill 100/pk
667-1096 IPB Inc RLF10096
$ 79.95
  • 3 @ $ 77.95
Releaf Pro Kit
667-1036 IPB Inc RLF10036
layers Contains
$ 174.95
Releaf Standard Kit
667-1035 IPB Inc RLF10035
$ 99.95
Releaf Basic Kit
667-1032 IPB Inc RLF10032
layers Contains
$ 26.95
Releaf Hose Accessory Kit
667-1044 IPB Inc RLF10044
layers Contains
$ 25.95
Releaf U-Shaped Connectors 6/pk
667-1076 IPB Inc RLF10076
$ 13.95
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