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Root ZX II Apex Locator

J. Morita USA

As the world's best selling apex locator, Root ZX II has set the industry standard for accuracy and patient safety.

Built on the industry standard Root ZX technology, Root ZX II will measure in both wet and dry canal conditions with class-leading accuracy of 97.5%.

  • Accurate Measurement: The ratio technique used in the instrument provides a highly accurate detection of the file's location. The accuracy of the measurement is not affected by the presence or absence of blood, other discharges, electrolytes, saline, tap water, or hydrogen peroxide. 
  • No Zero-Adjustment: It is not necessary to set the device on zero before measuring each individual canal. 
  • Automatic Calibration: Automatic calibration ensures accuracy and eliminates the effect of changes in temperature, moisture, etc. inside the canal, even during treatment. 
  • Large Color Liquid Crystal Display (LCD): The large color LCD screen is easy to read, and provides a clear progressive display with high contrast. 
  • Size: 4.13"W x 4.13"D x 4.53"H
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