Zarosen Desensitizer

Cetylite Industries

Zarosen’s unique, strontium-chloride formula provides immediate, long-lasting relief from hypersensitivity discomfort. Zarosen is effective for weeks when applied to the enamel, dentin, or cementum of the tooth with the cotton pledget or micro brush. Use Zarosenafter prophy, scaling, tooth bleaching, restoration preparation, crown and bridge cementation, and pin and post seating. Zarosen’s special solvent system retains solids in solution and does not require the addition of a thinner to maintain original viscosity.

Key Features:

  • One bottle contains approximately 100 applications 

  • Fast-drying within 30 seconds

  • One-step procedure 

  • Penetrates fills and seals tubuli

  • Tooth need not be dried prior to application 

  • May be applied to cementum, dentin, or enamel tooth structure 

  • No burnishing required

Product Benefits:

  • Won’t interfere with the patient eating or drinking after the procedure

  • Effectively reduces the sensitivity of tooth bleaching procedures

  • Lasts for weeks

  • Indicated for a variety of procedures

  • No thinner is required to maintain viscosity

  • Immediate relief

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