When performing a root canal, your selection of root canal sealer is important to the success of the procedure. Effective obturation of the canal minimizes the chance of recontamination of the root canal system, post-procedure. Preventing harmful microorganisms from reentering the pulpal space reducing the risk of continued pulpal and periapical disease. Because the core material (i.e., gutta percha) are unable to reach every small space within the root canal system, sealer is required to fill the space between the dentin and the core material in order to create an effective seal. Think of it as the gasket that prevents oil from leaking out between the engine block and oil pan.

Features & Benefits:

  • Zinc oxide eugenol
  • Radiopaque
  • Light in color, non darkening

Tubli-Seal EWT (Extended Working Time) offers all the benefits of Tubli-Seal with an extended working time. It is used for filling and sealing of root canals. It is a zinc oxide formula and contains eugenol. This product is also radiopaque

Features & Benefits:

  • Zinc-oxide formula
  • Two-paste system - easy to mix, easy to use
  • Minimum 2 1/2 hour working time
  • Uses barium sulfate as radiopaque agent, eliminating silver staining potential
Tubli-Seal Std Pkg
499-00340 Kerr Endodontics 00340
layers Contains document-text SDS
$ 77.95
Tubli-Seal EWT Std Pkg
499-25903 Kerr Endodontics 25903
layers Contains document-text SDS
$ 79.95
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