Trimax Composite Instrument Kit


The Trimax is a composite contact instrument. By placing the tip into deep restorations or tight anatomically contact areas the operator can polymerize deep restorations with correct proximal anatomy. The micro light guide has a marginal ridge guide that “lights up” when curing and can be used in a number of different positions. Some of the benefits include: Improved polymerization and reduced shrinkage, eliminates open contact areas, ideal anatomical form for premolar, molar and large molar restorations. The tip provides a guide for proper marginal ridge height for improved anatomy.

Features & Benefits:

  • Holds matrix band in contact 
  • Special micro lite guide tip 
  • Three different tip sizes 
  • Eliminates open contacts
  • Improves polymerization 
  • Perfectly fits proximal box preparation
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Trimax Composite Instrument Kit
249-110001 AdDent 110001
layers Contains
$ 99.95
Trimax Refill Kit 60/pk Premolar
249-110002 AdDent 110002
$ 39.95
Trimax Refill Kit 60/pk Standard
249-110003 AdDent 110003
$ 39.95
Trimax Refill Kit 60/pk Large
249-110004 AdDent 110004
$ 39.95
Trimax Handles 2/pk
249-110005 AdDent 110005
$ 59.95
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