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Tri Auto ZX2+

J. Morita USA

Elevate your endodontic procedures with the Tri Auto ZX2+, a cutting-edge cordless handpiece integrated with Morita’s renowned apex location technology. Designed for optimal safety and ease of use, this innovative device introduces the new Optimum Glide Path 2 (OGP2) mode, revolutionizing the way you navigate root canals.

Advanced OGP2 Mode for Enhanced Safety

Experience unparalleled safety and efficiency with the Tri Auto ZX2+’s OGP2 mode, which streamlines patency, glide path creation, and shaping processes. This mode incorporates innovative reciprocating features that minimize file binding and significantly reduce the risk of file breakage, ensuring smooth canal preparation with minimal complications.

Superior Safety with OTR Technology

The Tri Auto ZX2+ is equipped with OTR (Optimum Torque Reverse) technology, guaranteeing superior safety during canal preparation. By alternating between forward and reverse rotations upon encountering resistance, the motor prevents jamming and file breakage, offering peace of mind throughout the procedure.

Versatile Compatibility and Customization

This state-of-the-art handpiece supports both reciprocation and rotary files, providing versatility in endodontic treatments. Additionally, it allows for modification of the cutting angle, enabling you to tailor the instrument to suit your specific procedural requirements and preferences.

Intuitive Design for Seamless Handling

With its well-balanced and responsive design, the Tri Auto ZX2+ facilitates subtle file manipulation, allowing for precise and controlled movements during treatment. Its ergonomic construction ensures comfortable handling, enhancing overall procedural efficiency and patient comfort.

Comprehensive Safety Features

The Tri Auto ZX2+ offers numerous safety options to prevent over-instrumentation and ensure optimal treatment outcomes. From its advanced OGP2 mode to the OTR technology and customizable cutting angles, every aspect of this handpiece is engineered to prioritize patient safety and procedural success.

Experience the Future of Endodontic Precision

Revolutionize your endodontic practice with the Tri Auto ZX2+, a pinnacle of precision, safety, and innovation in dental technology. Whether you're performing routine procedures or tackling complex cases, this advanced handpiece empowers you to achieve exceptional results with confidence and ease.

Invest in Excellence

Join the ranks of dental professionals worldwide who trust the Tri Auto ZX2+ to deliver unparalleled precision and safety in endodontic procedures. Elevate your practice with this cutting-edge device and unlock a new level of efficiency, reliability, and patient satisfaction. Choose Tri Auto ZX2+ and experience the future of endodontic care today.

Technical Specifications

Free Running Operation Speed:  100 - 1000 rpm
Torque:  4 Ncm or more
Battery:  Lithium-ion battery (DC 3.7 V)
Weight:  Approx. 140 g (including battery and contra angle)
Tri Auto ZX2+ Cordless Endodontic Handpiece
721-2801 J. Morita USA 24K352ENG
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Tri Auto ZX2 Contra Angle Attachment
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Contrary Electrode Lip Clips 5/pk
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Root ZX File Holder 3/pk
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Tri Auto ZX2 Handpiece Sleeves 100/bx
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