Temporary Crown & Bridge Mixing Tips Scott's Select

Scott's Select

Scott's Select temporary crown & bridge mixing tips offer significant savings over branded mixing tips without sacrificing performance or quality. If you have a 10:1 cartridge you will need to purchase a 10:1 mix tip (orange spiral in barrel). If you have a 1:1 cartridge you will need to select a 1:1 mix tip. Try the new next generation "T-Mixer" mixing tips and save up to 30% of material. The shorter style tip reduces material waste and volume. Advanced technology leads to more efficient material processing. T-Mixer mixing tips blue hub with orange mixer 3.2mm fit all HP style 4:1/10:1 crown and bridge cartridges. Compatible with all MixPac type guns and systems. Compare to other brands and SAVE!

Features & Benefits:

  • High quality MIXPAC™ Brand
  • Compatiable with all MIXPAC™ Brand cartridges
  • Available for 4:1/10:1 and 1:1 style cartridge
  • Offers significant savings without sacrificing quality
C&B Blue Fine 10:1 Mixing Tips 25/bag
104-8108 Scott's Select 104-8108
$ 19.95
T-Mixer C&B Blue Fine 10:1 Mix Tips 25/bag
104-8110 Scott's Select 104-8110
$ 19.95
C&B Blue Small 1:1 Mix Tips 25/bag
104-8167 Scott's Select 104-8167
$ 19.95
T-Mixer C&B Blue 1:1 Short Mix Tips 25/bag
104-8170 Scott's Select 104-8170
$ 19.95
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