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Star Steel Bearing Lubricated Autochuck Turbine

Star Dental

Star Dental steel bearing autochuck turbine is designed to be used in the Star Simplicity or Concentrix SX, SW & FX handpiece only.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fits Simplicity & Concentrix SX, SW & FX handpieces only 
  • Lubricated Autochuck turbine. 
  • Steel Bearings. 
  • Must be lubricated 
  • Extremely concentric for smooth operation. 
  • Electronically Balanced 
  • 1 - Year Warranty from date of installation (Must register @ 

When do you need to replace a turbine? Replace the turbine when the handpiece fails to achieve full speed and/or increases sharply in noise level. You may also need to replace a turbine if the bur is stuck or if the bur starts to slip within the chuck.

Steel Bearing Autochuck Turbine Lubricated
555-60296 Star Dental 260296
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555-60295 Star Dental 260295
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