Star 430 Series Replacement Turbine Enduro Vector

Vector R&D

Beware of off-brand, low-quality, copy-cat companies importing turbines and bearings from substandard suppliers. Insist on Vector ENDURO brand turbines! Enduro replacement turbines are made with ceramic bearings. These ceramic bearings are manufactured to precise and exacting standards. The first place our competitors try to save money is on bearings! We believe this is a mistake. Cutting edge, performance handpieces begin with smooth, quiet, long lasting ceramic bearings!

Features & Benefits:

  • The Impeller: 
    • Balanced and machined for optimum torque and power. Noise and vibration are common problems with aftermarket turbines. Not with Vector Enduro turbines. Our turbines are designed to perform as well as, if not better than the original manufacturer turbines.
  • The Bearings: 
    • Precision high-performance bearings. 
    • Matched specifically to the orgininal handpiece manufacturer replacement specifications. 
    • Many levels and grades of bearings are available from different bearing manufacturers, you can rest assured no factory seconds or lower grade bearings are ever used on a Vector Enduro turbine!
  • The Spindle Chuck Assembly: 
    • The most crucial component of the modern high-speed dental turbine is the spindle and chuck assembly. 
    • The spindle is attached to all of the other turbine components, therefore if the spindle is not perfect the turbine will not run smooth and true. 
    • Our spindles are center-less ground to exacting specifications. 
    • This process ensures size and perfect concentricity. 
    • Our chuck is nothing short of a technologically advanced computer machined piece of art! 
    • Even the original manufacturer did not put as much time and engineering into the chuck as we have put into ours. 
    • The Vector Enduro chuck holds your burs as well as, if not better than, the original manufacturers product!
  • Must be lubricated

Fits: Star Dental 430SWL, 430SW, 430K, Solara & Solara QT Handpieces.

*Please note: This turbine will not work with the Torque series handpieces

135-TS430 Vector R&D TS430
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