Scott’s Dental Supply understands the support needs of clinicians and operators that work within dental Special Markets organizations (multi-site group practices and not-for-profit oral health care programs). Fundamentally your goals for top quality products, personalized service, and low direct prices are what Scott’s Dental Supply delivers daily. However, your not-for-profit or multi-site group likely has a broad variety of operating nuances and multiple stakeholders that complicate your oral health program and differentiate it from private practice. You deserve a dental supply partner that “gets it”.


The Scott’s Dental Supply team has been supporting both dental private practice and Special Markets customers for over two decades. Our team has experience supporting private practitioners, fast-growing, multi-site group practices to established national DSOs, as well as public health programs, schools and government ran oral health programs. Our experience and vendor relations are well established to support your unique needs. Scott’s Dental is technologically advanced to compete on a high level and offer you a professional experience, however, Scott’s Dental remains intimate enough where you will be known as a customer partner, not as an account number nor simply just a quarterly sales goal.


To learn more about how Scott’s Dental Supply can support you and your multi-site or not-for-profit oral health care program, please reach out to the Scott’s Dental Special Markets team at