Septoject® XL Needles


Septoject® XL Sterile single use dental needle

Indications: Routine administration of local dental anesthetics.

Features & Benefits:

  • With enlarged bore (43% wider than the one of a standard needle) to reduce level of pressure during injection, thus leading to less pain for the patient.
  • Less trauma to the tissues achieved through a triple-bevel needle, a polished & siliconized canula and an excellent flexibility of the needle.
  • High grade surgical stainless steel tubing to reduce risk of breakage.
  • With bevel indicator to assist in orientating the bevel during injection.
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Septoject XL Needles 27 Gauge Short Orange Infiltration 100/bx
228-N1500 Septodont 01N1500
$ 21.95
  • 10 @ $ 20.95
Septoject XL Needles 27 Gauge Long Yellow Block 100/bx
228-N1550 Septodont 01N1550
$ 21.95
  • 10 @ $ 20.95
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