Revolutionize your dental practice with the PrepStart Air Abrasion System—an innovation redefining patient comfort and procedural precision. Say goodbye to traditional injections as this system offers an unparalleled level of comfort and control, making it a cornerstone in contemporary dentistry. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with a 1-year warranty.

Comfortable Treatments, No Anesthetics Needed

Experience a paradigm shift in dental procedures with the PrepStart, where patient comfort takes center stage. Rarely needing anesthetics, this system offers unparalleled comfort, fostering trust and acceptance among patients. Its on/off control and adjustable abrasive flow ensure an even, precise cut, transforming treatments into a seamless experience.

Tailored Control for Comprehensive Treatments

Designed for versatility, the PrepStart excels in treating multiple quadrants and aiding in diagnosis. With a range of tip sizes and fully adjustable powder and pressure settings, it accommodates diverse clinical needs. Rapid cutting at low pressures ensures maximum patient comfort, while adjustable settings cater to everything from rapid cutting to meticulous stain removal.

Performance That Builds Practices

The PrepStart's performance mirrors that of more expensive systems, offering exceptional controllability at a fraction of the cost. Its unparalleled cost-effectiveness enables a rapid return on investment, often within mere weeks. Dentists globally report a remarkable 30% business increase, attributing it to enhanced patient trust and acceptance facilitated by air abrasion technology.

Efficiency Meets Convenience

Compact and lightweight at just 4.5 pounds, the PrepStart minimizes countertop space, fitting seamlessly into any operatory. Its portability allows movement between operatories, effortlessly connecting to existing air supplies. Given its rapid payoff, having a PrepStart in each operatory becomes an enticing proposition.

Unprecedented Precision and Efficiency

The PrepStart empowers dental practitioners to handle procedures previously deemed untreatable. It cuts preps as small as half the width of the smallest bur, enabling conservative treatment of incipient lesions in seconds. By virtually eliminating the time and discomfort associated with dental injections, it significantly reduces patient anxiety and enhances chair turnover.

Inclusive PrepStart Kit

The comprehensive PrepStart kit comprises essential components, ensuring a seamless integration into your practice:

  • PrepStart with foot pedal (6.5”W x 5.5”H x 9”L)
  • Installation Kit
  • Handpiece & Nozzle Kit (2 Handpieces, .015 & .019 Tips)
  • Instructions & Technique Manual
  • 1lb Aluminum Oxide 27 Micron

Elevate your dental practice with the PrepStart Air Abrasion System—a catalyst for efficient, comfortable, and precise treatments. Its impact on patient satisfaction, procedural precision, and practice efficiency is unmatched, setting new benchmarks in contemporary dentistry.

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PrepStart Air Abrasion Cavity Prep System
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