Prelude Total-Etch is supplied with phosphoric acid etchant, omitting the self-etching primer. The dentin adhesion strength of Prelude using phosphoric ethcant is about the same as with the self-etching primer. The enamel adhesion strength is improved with use of the phosphoric etchant. However use of self-etching primer is a less technique sensitive procedure. It is well known that self-etching primers rarely result in post operative sensitivity to bite pressure. Prelude is extremely forgiving in the presence of moisture. Too wet, or too dry is not a concern. Its water/ethanol formulation tolerates an environment that would adversely affect other products. The remarkably low 5 micron film thickness means fit is not affected and it will not present a radiolucent layer. Bond strengths to cut and un-cut enamel are extremely high.

Features & Benefits:

  • Use on Dentin, cut & uncut enamel, porcelain, and composites
  • Light-Cure & Dual-Cure
  • Total-Etch
  • Fast, simple application
  • Consistently exceptional results
  • Versatile
  • Reproducible
  • Ultra thin, ideal for Cerec and other milled systems.
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Prelude Total-Etch Kit
270-90994 Zest Dental (Danville Materials) 90994
layers Contains document-text SDS
$ 162.95
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