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The Miltex® N-Tralig® Syringe is one of the only stainless steel syringes on the market that delivers precisely 0.2 cc of anesthetic per ratchet. The positive ratchet action helps protect against the breakage of anesthesia cartridges. The Miltex® N-Tralig® syringe also features a removable hub which allows the use of the 30° adapter hub to help with the most difficult to reach injections. Miltex® N-Tralig® syringe is available with one solid barrel and one window barrel.

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N-Tralig Intraligamental Syringe
953-7655 Integra Miltex 76-55SSOB
$ 409.95
  • 2 @ $ 399.95
N-Tralig 30 Degree Angle Swivel Barrel Cap
953-7656 Integra Miltex 76-56
$ 32.95
N-Tralig Barrel Cap Straight
953-PN4 Integra Miltex PN4
$ 13.95
N-Tralig Cartridge Barrel Shielded Window
953-PN3 Integra Miltex PN3SS
$ 42.95
N-Tralig Cartridge Barrel Solid Wall
953-PN2 Integra Miltex PN2SS
$ 26.95
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