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Sultan Healthcare offers a wide variety of mixing tips to fit the various impression cartridges and systems available within the Sultan Genie product line. All tips provide quality performance and compatibility within the product offering. Now with a new delivery System!

The new delivery system saves time and money while helping you achieve better results for your patients and your practice. The system is easier to use, provides less waste, and improves mixing.

Important Notes About New Delivery System:

  • Can be used with your current dispensing gun. No special additional dispenser is required.

  • New mixing tips will ONLY fit the new system

  • New mixing tip will NOT fit your old cartridge system

Translation table for ordering new tips (Old → New):

  • (313-72001) Green Mixing Tips → (313-7210) BLUE Mixing Tips

  • (313-72003) Yellow Mixing Tips → (313-7211) RED Mixing Tips

  • (313-72007) Yellow Intraoral Mixing Tips → (313-7208) RED Intraoral Mixing Tips

  • (313-78840) Dynamic Mixing Tips → (313-7212) Dynamic Mixing Tips

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Mixing Tips Large Heavy Viscosity Blue 50/pkg
313-7210 Sultan Healthcare 72100
$ 42.95
  • 5 @ $ 40.95
Mixing Tips Small Low Viscosity Red 50/pkg
313-7211 Sultan Healthcare 72101
$ 42.95
  • 5 @ $ 40.95
Intraoral Mixing Tips Low Viscosity Red 100/pkg
313-7208 Sultan Healthcare 72008
$ 31.95
Dynamic 380ml Mixing Tips Clear/Blue 50/pkg
313-7212 Sultan Healthcare 72102
$ 54.95
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