Microbrush® X Extended Reach


Designed with a thinner, longer brush tip to simplify application for procedures involving confined spaces and allows for even placement of material. The shorter, stiffer brush fibers hold a fraction of a drop of material for less waste and controlled application.

Features & Benefits:

  • Better reach - Extended, extra-thin applicators designed for confined spaces
  • Shorter, stiffer bristles - Designed for handling minute amounts of material and even placement to inner surfaces of tooth wall
  • Increased flexibility - Patented bending portion is bendable up to 90 degrees
MicroBrush X Extended Reach Applicator Kit
207-7547 Microbrush MPX
layers Contains
$ 33.95
  • 3 @ $ 32.95
MicroBrush X Applicator Refill 100/pk Black
207-7550 Microbrush PX100
$ 25.95
  • 3 @ $ 24.95
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