MD Technologies Implant Motor System & Angles

Vector R&D

All New MD Technologies Implant Motor Set! Complete set includes: Control box, Full-function- variable speed foot pedal, 40,000 rpm motor with led light, 20:1 reduction fiber-optic contra angle, integrated water pump with sterile water tube. Everything you need to get started! Just get your implant starter kit and go! Fully adjustable and programmable works with every brand make or model of implant.

Features & Benefits:

  • Adjustable pre-programed gear ratios
  • Adjustable water flow control.
  • Forward or Reverse adjustment
  • Light on / off
  • Program setting /  save mode
  • Speed, Torque and program selection
  • On-board peristaltic pump for sterile water delivery
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MD Technologies Master Implant Surgical System Kit
135-0900 Vector R&D MT-ISE
layers Contains
$ 1,999.95
20:1 Optic Implant Push-Button Contra Angle
135-MT-IO20A Vector R&D MT-IO20A
$ 649.95
  • 3 @ $ 599.95
20:1 Implant Contra Angle Non-Optic Push-Button (NSK Type)
135-MT-20PDX Vector R&D MT-20PDX
$ 449.95
  • 3 @ $ 429.95
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