K3 NiTi Files 17mm

Kerr Endodontics

K3 is a third generation, triple fluted, asymmetric endodontic file system. Designed to cut quickly, efficiently and safely, with unparalleled debris removal, the K3 addresses technical and procedural issues that no other endodontic instrument does. K3 Files are available in 6 different tapers with a multitude of lengths and tip sizes. This allows you to customize your technique for any case from single, straight roots to calcified, curved molars. With the recessed trailing edge of the radial land, K3 files minimize frictional resistance. Other nickel-titanium systems have wide radial lands that cause friction and can lead to breakage. K3 files have added mass behind the cutting surface to provide support and maintain integrity. With other systems, blade rollover or cracks can occur during instrumentation.

Features & Benefits:

  • Positive rake angle provides the active cutting action of the K3 endo files. 
  • The K3 rotary file’s wide radial land provides blade support while adding peripheral strength to resist torsional and rotary stresses. 
  • The third radial land on K3 files stabilizes and keeps the instrument centered in the canal and minimizes over engagement. 
  • Radial land relief reduces friction on the canal wall.
K3 NITI FILES 6/pk .08 TAPER 17mm # 25
499-830-8257 Kerr Endodontics 830-8257
$ 79.95
  • 10 @ $ 77.95
K3 NITI FILES 6/pk .10 TAPER 17mm # 25
499-830-0257 Kerr Endodontics 830-0257
$ 79.95
  • 10 @ $ 77.95
K3 NITI FILES 6/pk .12 TAPER 17mm # 25
499-830-2257 Kerr Endodontics 830-2257
$ 79.95
  • 10 @ $ 77.95
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