iStar Cordless Hygiene Handpiece

Star Dental

Star Dental iStar cordless prophy features a simple, compact, cordless design that dramatically simplifies the prophylaxis procedure. No more stress from handpiece tubing pulling or searching for a rheostat. The iStar is ideal for the modern dental operatory and features thoughtful design elements that make work more efficient and comfortable.

Features & Benefits:

  • Compact, cordless design with power to perform 
  • No autoclavable parts means faster turnaround 
  • Runs without a foot control, iStar takes the stress out of the prophylaxis procedure 
  • No stress from handpiece tubing pulling or reaching for rheostat 
  • Variable rotational controls: Able to choose stable speed by selecting five levels from 500-2500 rpm 
  • Select the disposable prophy angle of your choice (You no longer need to sacrifice your preferred angle in order to go cordless!)
  • 12 - Month standard warranty
  • 3 - Year warranty on battery
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iStar Cordless Prophy Hygiene Handpiece
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$ 749.95
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iStar Prophy Handpiece Sleeves 500/bx
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$ 149.95
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