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iBond® Total Etch


iBond Total Etch is the Etch & Rinse 2-step bonding adhesive from Heraeus. Due to the innovative nano-filler technology, iBond Total Etch attains high bond strength to both enamel and dentin while ensuring optimal marginal sealing. It is also ideal for desentsitizing hypersensitive areas. iBond Total Etch delivers: Clinically proven to provide reliable and consistent bond strength. Optimized with nano-filler which increases the intrinsic strength. Dense adhesive layer and good lag formation which leads to improved marginal sealing. Demonstrates reduction in post-operative sensitivity. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Bond strength and desensitiszation. With iBOND, you achieve the greatest possible desensitiszation. It offers high reliable bond strength, impressive marginal quality and an optimized overall systemwith nanofillers. This has been verified by universities and dentists around the world.
  • One step: iBOND Total Etch is applied in just one step after etching with iBOND Etch; laborious agitation is no longer necessary. A shiny surface, a sign of effective cross-linking of adhesive and tooth surface, is easily achieved by air drying.
  • Homogeneous layer: Due to its optimized consistency, iBOND Total Etch is not dispersed and creates a homogeneous adhesive layer on the dentin and enamel – the foundation for outstanding, long-lasting results.
  • Stable: The excellent stability of iBOND Total Etch ensures that it can be stored at room temperature; no refrigeration is necessary.
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iBond Total Etch Bottle Refill 4ml
665-66040094 Kulzer 66040094
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iBond Total Etch Bottle Value Pack 3/pk
665-66039867 Kulzer 66039867
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$ 443.95
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iBond Total Etch Single Dose Refill 50/pk
665-66040093 Kulzer 66040093
layers Contains document-text SDS
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$ 244.95
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iBond Total Etch Single Dose Value Pack 100/pk
665-66039870 Kulzer 66039870
layers Contains document-text SDS
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$ 434.95
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