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HyFlex® EDM OneFile


Hyflex EDM Electric Discharge Machining

The Hyflex EDM owes its unique properties to a breakthrough technology called "Electrical Discharge Machining". This innovative manufacturing process uses spark erosion to harden the surface of the NiTi file, resulting in superior fracture resistance and improved cutting efficiency. Just like HyFlex CM files, HyFlex EDM files offer trusted controlled memory effect and regenerative properties.

Features & Benefits:

  • Up to 700% higher fracture resistance 
  • Uniquely hardened surface 
  • Less filing required for treatment success 
  • Extreme Fracture Resistance: Hyflex EDM files are produced using an innovative manufacturing process called Electrical Discharge Machining. The EDM process results in a file that is extremely flexible and fracture resistant. In fact, HyFlex EDM files are up to 700% more resistant to cyclic fatigue compared to traditional NiTi files. 
  • Controlled Memory: Thanks to controlled memory properties, HyFlex EDM files follow the anatomy of the canal, which can significantly reduce the risk of ledging, transportation and perforation. 
  • Fewer Files Required: The combination of flexibility, fracture resistance and cutting efficiency of the HyFlex EDM makes it possible to reduce the number of files required for cleaning while preserving anatomy. 
  • Pre-Sterilized, Modular System: Provided as a modular system of sterile instruments, HyFlex EDM includes Shaping, Glidepath, OneFile, Orifice Opener and Finishing files and may be used in combination with HyFlex CM files.
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