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Integra Miltex

Experience advanced wound care with HeliPlug, an absorbable collagen dressing specially designed for dental surgery. This soft, pliable sponge provides effective hemostasis and protection for clean oral wounds, ensuring optimal healing and patient comfort. Discover the features and benefits that make HeliPlug the preferred choice for dental professionals worldwide.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully Absorbable: HeliPlug is made from absorbable collagen, ensuring complete absorption over time and eliminating the need for removal.
  • Ideal for Oral Wounds: Designed for application to minor oral wounds and extraction sites, HeliPlug offers versatile use in various dental procedures.
  • Rapid Hemostasis: With its unique composition, HeliPlug effectively controls bleeding within two to five minutes, promoting efficient hemostasis and minimizing patient discomfort.
  • Sterile: Each HeliPlug is sterile, guaranteeing aseptic application and reducing the risk of postoperative complications.
  • Enhanced Healing: By providing a protective barrier over oral wounds, HeliPlug supports the natural healing process, promoting tissue regeneration and minimizing the risk of infection.
  • Reduced Bleeding: HeliPlug's hemostatic properties help to quickly control bleeding, allowing dental professionals to proceed with surgical procedures confidently and efficiently.
  • Convenient Application: The pliable nature of HeliPlug facilitates easy handling and precise placement, ensuring optimal coverage and contact with the wound site.
  • Patient Comfort: HeliPlug's soft and nonfriable texture ensures patient comfort during and after application, enhancing overall treatment experience.

Why Choose HeliPlug

  • Proven Efficacy: Backed by clinical studies and years of successful use in dental practices, HeliPlug is trusted by dental professionals for its consistent performance and reliable results.
  • Optimal Healing Environment: HeliPlug creates an ideal environment for wound healing, minimizing the risk of complications and promoting faster recovery for patients.
  • Versatile Usage: Whether for routine extractions, periodontal surgeries, or other dental procedures, HeliPlug offers versatile application and reliable hemostatic control.
  • Peace of Mind: With HeliPlug, dental professionals can have confidence in their ability to manage oral wounds effectively, leading to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Experience Advanced Oral Wound Care with HeliPlug

Elevate your dental practice with HeliPlug, the preferred choice for effective hemostasis and wound management in dental surgery. With its unique combination of absorbable collagen and rapid hemostatic action, HeliPlug sets the standard for excellence in oral wound care. Trust HeliPlug for superior performance, enhanced patient comfort, and optimal healing outcomes.

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