Hedstrom Files 25mm Miltex

Integra Miltex

Miltex® H-files have excellent cutting efficiency using a push and pull stroke.

Features & Benefits:

  • Handles are ISO color coded and printed with the ISO file tip size 
  • Allows for easy identification of file 
  • Available in a variety of sizes, lengths and rubber stop configurations 
  • Meets the needs of dental professionals
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HEDSTROM FILES 6/pk 25mm #55
953-DHF25/55 Integra Miltex DHF25/55
$ 3.97
HEDSTROM FILES 6/pk 25mm #60
953-DHF25/60 Integra Miltex DHF25/60
$ 3.97
HEDSTROM FILES 6/pk 25mm #70
953-DHF25/70 Integra Miltex DHF25/70
$ 3.97
HEDSTROM FILES 6/pk 25mm #80
953-DHF25/80 Integra Miltex DHF25/80
$ 3.97
HEDSTROM FILES 6/pk 25mm #45-80 ASST
953-DHF25/45-80 Integra Miltex DHF25/45-80
$ 3.97
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