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Multi Spray Cleaner & Lubricant

J. Morita USA

Morita Multi Spray features an environmentally-friendly propellant to help ensure a long service life of your instruments. It may be used for regular maintenance and lubrication of your ball bearing handpieces, air scalers, air motors, and toothed-gear instruments. Multi Spray is highly recommended for Morita’s TwinPower Turbine handpieces. Other lubricants could cause TwinPower to malfunction, make it difficult to connect/disconnect, or adversely affect braking time. Additionally, Multi Spray is recommended for Air Torx air motor, TorqTech attachments, as well as the Tri Auto ZX2 endodontic handpiece.

Features & Benefits:

  • Helps ensure a long service of instruments 
  • Environmentally friendly propellant 
  • Practical, re-usable spray adapters 
  • May be used with the Lubrina Handpiece Maintenance unit
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