FlashMax® P3 LED Curing Light

CMS Dental

Upgrade your dental practice with the FlashMax P3 LED Curing Light, the ultimate solution for efficient, time-saving, and ergonomic dental curing procedures. Boasting an unparalleled power output of over 6000 mW/cm2, the FlashMax P3 delivers optimal light emission across the required spectrum, ensuring rapid and thorough curing of all known dental materials.

Efficiency Redefined

Experience unmatched efficiency with the FlashMax P3, as it effortlessly cures all dental materials with its powerful light emission. Say goodbye to extended chair times, as the FlashMax P3 enables lightning-fast curing, reducing the time required for each layer to just 1-3 seconds.

Cordless and Ergonomic Design

Enjoy unparalleled convenience and comfort during dental procedures with the FlashMax P3's cordless and ergonomic design. Featuring a convenient pen grip and weighing just 120g, this cutting-edge curing light offers optimal balance and control, minimizing operator fatigue and maximizing efficiency.

Adjustable Tip for Enhanced Access

Tailor your curing experience to your specific needs with the FlashMax P3's adjustable tip, which can be tilted up to +/- 15 degrees for improved access. Choose between the 4mm and 8mm tip options to suit different clinical scenarios, ensuring precise and effective curing every time.

Bilateral Control Buttons for Maximum Efficiency

Optimize your workflow with the FlashMax P3's bilateral identical control buttons, strategically positioned on both sides of the device for effortless access and operation. Rotate the light as needed to treat upper and lower arches with maximum efficiency, without compromising on control or accessibility.

Technical Specifications

  • Output Intensity: 5000-6000 mW/cm2
  • Wavelength: 440-480nm (Peak: 460nm)

Elevate Your Dental Practice

Designed for dental professionals seeking uncompromising performance and reliability, the FlashMax P3 LED Curing Light sets the standard for modern dental curing technology. With its unparalleled power, ergonomic design, and advanced features, the FlashMax P3 empowers clinicians to deliver exceptional patient care and achieve outstanding clinical outcomes.

Invest in the FlashMax P3 LED Curing Light today and experience the difference in efficiency, precision, and patient satisfaction. Revolutionize your dental procedures and take your practice to new heights with the world's most powerful curing light.

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FlashMax P3 LED Curing Light
160-100400 CMS Dental 100400
layers Contains
$ 799.95
FlashMax P3 & FotoSan 630 Disposable Covers 10/pk
160-100510 CMS Dental 100510
$ 14.95
FlashMax P3 Blunt Light Tips 4mm 50/pk
160-100501 CMS Dental 100501
$ 29.95
FlashMax P3 Blunt Light Tips 8mm 50/pk
160-100502 CMS Dental 100502
$ 29.95
FlashMax P3 Sleeves Closed 250/bx
160-100513 CMS Dental 100513
$ 24.95
FlashMax P3 Click-On Protective Shield
160-100511 CMS Dental 100511
$ 29.95
FlashMax P3 Hand-Held Protective Paddle
160-100500 CMS Dental 100500
$ 42.95
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