ExaFast NDS

GC America

EXAFAST NDS is a fast setting Vinyl Polysiloxane (VPS) impression material developed for improved accuracy, increased productivity and maximized patient comfort.

Features & Benefits:

  • Minimum of 1 minute working time 
    • Adequate amount of time to dispense material from the automix cartridge and seat impression tray without rushing 
  • Cures after 1-1/2 minutes in the mouth 
    • Improves dentist and staff productivity 
    • Patient comfort is maximized without compromising accuracy, which creates less stress for patient 
    • Distortions from patient movement are minimized 
  • Unsurpassed dimensional stability 
    • Less than 0.2% linear dimensional change after 24 hours 
    • Allows the lab to pour models up to two weeks after taking impression 
  • Patented hydrogen scavenger formula 
    • "Non-gassing" impression can be poured immediately 
  • Hydrophilic 
    • Uniformly flows over moist surfaces and oral tissue to reproduce complete, accurate details 
    • Penetrates critical, hard to reach areas 
    • Makes it easy to pour accurate gypsum models 
  • Thixotropic injection and a non-slumping, heavy body 
    • Ideal consistency and flow under pressure 
    • Easy to handle 
    • Replicates accurate details, even in tight margins and subgingivally 
    • Injection will stay in place on teeth until the tray is loaded and the patient occludes 
    • The heavy body remains in place while loading both sides of the dual arch trays 
    • The heavy body stabilizes the tray, preventing distortion and rebound 
    • The heavy body has great compression, which pushes the injection material into the sulcus 
  • No taste or odor 
    • Patient-friendly 
  • Stable in cold, disinfectant solutions 
    • Can be easily disinfected by immersion in a glutaraldehyde or spraying with a hard surface disinfectant; rinse impression thoroughly before and after disinfection
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ExaFast Putty Standard Pkg
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ExaFast Putty Clinic Pkg
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layers Contains document-text SDS
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