Endoring II


The Endoring II enables the clinician to directly place, store, measure and clean endodontic hand and rotary instruments within the operating field. It reduces the risk of cross-contamination and minimizes the passing of sharps between dentists and staff. Using the Endoring II helps make endodontic procedures safer and faster.

Features & Benefits:

  • Hand-held Instrument - Allows direct operator control of hand and rotary instruments. Eliminates time consuming passing of dangerous files from assistant or bracket tray. Minimizes eyestrain and loss of attention from searching for files, etc. Saves several minutes each procedure. 
  • Held on Index Finger - Frees both hands. Allows operator to hold mouth mirror in one hand while selecting and operating files or instruments with the opposite hand. Includes three ring sizes (large, mediaum and small) to fit a majority of fingers. The small ring is ideal for the petite hand. Two Foam Color - Jordco blue and yellow e-Foam inserts provide an additional option for color coding instrument set-ups. 
  • Standard Right-Left 30mm Scale - The built in Endoring ruler has a recessed calibration tract and improved rubber stop locks. These features enable the operator to position files, reamers, paper points, gutta percha and other endodontic instruments into the tract and rapidly calibrate them to working length. The scale is designed for both right and left handed users. (Also available with or without stop locks and groove) 
  • Detachable Laser Etched Metal Ruler - Autoclavable metal ruler with a precise laser etched right or left-handed 30mm scale. Includes 1/2 mm calibration markings on the lower half of the scale. The metal ruler also includes a secondary scale to measure files up to 37-mm in length. Includes a calibration tract for easy positioning of instruments. Ruler can be easily detached for cleaning and processing. 
  • Easy Calibration of Curved Instruments - Curved files can be easily positioned into the calibrating tract within the standard or metal ruler and temporarily straightened with slight pressure. After the stop is adjusted, the file is removed and allowed to reassume its curved shape.
861-ERK2 Jordco ERK2
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