Endoring FileCaddy


The Endoring FileCaddy organizer provides an unique bulk storage solution for all endodontic files. The clinician places multiple files securely into the special foam insert, closes the lid and steam autoclaves the entire Endoring FileCaddy organizer. Single handed operatio allows easy opening of the protective lid to access the processed files at chair side.

Features & Benefits:

  • Locking Lid - Files are held securely in place between procedures and will not spill out if the FileCaddy organizer is dropped or turned upside down. 
  • Autoclavable and Durable - The FileCaddy organizer is constructed of a medical grade resin that can withstand repeated steam autoclaving (275˚F/135˚C). The resin is glass reinforced for added durability and longevity. 
  • 4 Bulk Storage Compartments - The FileCaddy organizer is divided into 4 convenient bulk storage compartments to help make file organization easy. The separate compartments simplify organization and retrieval of instruments. Over 100 instruments can be safely stored in the FileCaddy organizer for steam autoclaving. 
  • Disposable Foam Inserts - The foam inserts are disposable to reduce cross contamination. 
  • Two Colors of Foam Inserts - Two colors are helpful to organize/color code file setups. Inserts can be purchased in three different refill packs: Combo (6 Blue/6Yellow), Blue (12 blue) or Yellow (12 yellow) packs. 
  • Secure File Loading - Foam inserts eliminates the risk of spilling files – minimizes lost files. 
  • One-Hand Operation - One hand operation allows for easy opening of the locking lid to access files and contents. 
  • Simple to Use - Bulk load endodontic files, close locking lid and steam autoclave. 
  • Save Files - Steam autoclave only those files that are actually used in the procedure. No unnecessary steam autoclaving of unused files.
861-EFC Jordco EFC
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861-EFCF Jordco EFCF
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