Embrace™ Wetbond™ Class V


Embrace Class V restorative is moisture tolerant, which is particularly advantageous for restoring abfraction lesions and cervical areas, where moisture control is most difficult.

Features & Benefits:

  • Bonds in a slightly moist field 
  • Self-etching to dentin 
  • Self-adhesive properties – bonding agents are optional 
  • Treats and desensitizes abfractions and exposed roots 
  • Excellent marginal adaptation, adhesion and retention
Embrace WetBond Class V Syringe Refill A3.5
570-EMV-A3.5 Pulpdent EMV-A3.5
$ 19.95
Embrace WetBond Class V Syringe Refill A2
570-EMV-A2 Pulpdent EMV-A2
$ 19.95
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