Embrace™ WetBond™ Restoration & PFM Repair Kit


No bonding agents required. All Surfaces, Fewer Steps, Save Time and Money. The latest generation of porcelain repair products uses First-Coat in place of silane. First-Coat is a solvent-free resin with strong bonds to ceramic and metal. Testing shows better results than silane.

Features & Benefits:

  • Eliminates metal and ceramic primers, silane and bonding agents. 
  • Compatible with restorative composites. 
  • No solvents, no modifiers, no mixing, no mess. 
  • Can be cured with all curing lights.
Embarce Wetbond Porcelain Repair Kit
570-EMPFM Pulpdent EMPFM
layers Contains document-text SDS
$ 129.95
Embrace First Coat Primer Syringe 1.2ml
570-EMFC Pulpdent EMFC
$ 46.95
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