Disposable Traps

Scott's Select

Scott's Select Disposable Evacuation Traps are completely disposable traps designed to replace the present trap filter in an evacuation unit, effectively reducing infection and cross-contamination.

Features & Benefits:

  • Designed to fit all sizes of cuspidors
  • Eliminates passing of bacteria
  • Improves suction system
  • Disposable 

Model-5500 fits: A-Dec, Cascade & Performer

Model-5501 fits: A-Dec with plastic containers

Model-5502 fits: A-Dec with metal containers

Model-5503 fits: Belmont, Biotec, Chayes, Den-Tal-Ez, Dentech, Pelton & Crane and Proma

Model-5505 fits: Pelton & Crane Spritit with white plastic canisters

Model-5509 fits: DCI/Belmont Reality models and System 6000 models

Model-6100 fits: most universal Cuspidor Bowls-A-Dec, Ampco, Belmont, Dabi Atlante, Dansereau, DCI, Den-Tal-Ez, Forest, Knight, Marus, MDT, Proma and Ritter

Model-6200 fits: Siemens, Planmeca and many cuspidors with small openings

Model-6500 fits: Kavo the Environment

Model-5508S fits: all saliva ejectors

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