For bonding to dentin, enamel, porcelain, resins, precious and non-precious metal and amalgam. The original all-purpose adhesive system This 4th generation adhesive system offers light cure and self-cure options. The adhesive primer and resin bonding agent are separate components. There is a unique metal primer, and the light cure resin bonding agent Part 1 can also be used to wet plastic instruments to prevent them from sticking to composites.

Dentastic Part A Primer Dentin/Enamel Initiator 6ml
570-DASP-A Pulpdent DASP-A
$ 64.95
Dentastic Part B Primer Universal Base 6ml
570-DASP-B Pulpdent DASP-B
$ 51.95
Dentastic Unfilled Part 1 Base Light Activated 6ml
570-DASP-1 Pulpdent DASP-1
$ 42.95
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