Confirm Biological Monitoring System


ConFirm® is an in-office system for monitoring steam sterilizers. Easy to use and interpret with results in 24 hours. Simply process vial in a normal sterilizer cycle, then activate vial, incubate and record results. If any spores survive the process, the vial medium will turn yellow. ConFirm® Biological indicators can be processed in any appropriate 55-60 degree incubators.

Features & Benefits:

  • In-office biological monitoring system provides final results in just 24 hours 
  • Simply process test indicator vial in a normal steam sterilization cycle, remove, crush ampoule and place in incubator along with an unprocessed control vial for required 24 hour incubation period 
  • Media in test vial will turn yellow if any spores remain alive, thus signifying a failed test 
  • If test fails, immediately retest to determine if sterilizer is not functioning properly or it was human error (most common reason for test failure) 
  • If second test fails, remove sterilizer from service immediately and contact your local equipment service provider
Confirm In-Office Biological Monitor Starter Kit
309-CBMS10 Crosstex CBMS10
layers Contains
$ 494.95
Confirm In-Office Biological Indicators 25/bx
309-CSBI25 Crosstex CSBI25
$ 85.95
  • 3 @ $ 83.95
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