Cohere Hydrocolloid


Gingi-Pak’s Cohere syringe material, together with your favorite alginate, provides outstanding accuracy and fidelity to detail.

Features & Benefits:

  • Cohere is patient-friendly, requiring only three minutes in the mouth. 
  • Its hydrophilic qualities give Cohere excellent results in a wet or moist field. 
  • The Cohere Impression System is designed for a rapid procedure, using preloaded syringes maintained at a perfect temperature in the Cohere Dry Conditioner.
Cohere 605 Pre-filled Syringe 5cc Regular Pack 12/bx
874-60500 Gingi-Pak 60500
$ 71.95
Cohere 602 Pre-filled Syringe 2.5cc 24/bx
874-60200 Gingi-Pak 60200
$ 71.95
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