Clearfil SE Bond 2

Kuraray America

Since 1999 CLEARFIL SE BOND has improved the quality of adhesion dentistry. Now we present CLEARFIL SE BOND 2 a two-step, self-etch, light-cure bonding agent with an improved catalyst system for stronger bonds and a new dual-cure activator for use with all indirect restorations and core build-up composites. With the same clinical procedure, it is a simple upgrade to our new universal system.

Features & Benefits:

  • Universal Clinical Applications with New CLEARFIL DC Activator 
  • New Catalyst System for Stronger Bond Strengths. 
  • Exceptional, Unparalleled, Long-Term, Class-V, Clinical Research with CLEARFIL Self-Etch Products (5 Year – 10 Year Recalls 91% - 100% Retention) 
  • Low Film-Thickness with Indirect Restorations 
  • Ideal Bulk-Fill Adhesive (Absorbs Stress & Maintains Seal on Dentin) 
  • Ideal Adhesive Layer For Direct Restorations 
  • No-shaking, No-mixing, No-scrubbing, No Multiple Applications 
  • SE Primer 2 Treats Zirconia & Alumina Restorations 
  • No Light-Curing Inside of Indirect Restorations
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Clearfil SE Bond 2 Complete Kit
811-3270KA Kuraray America 3270KA
layers Contains document-text SDS
$ 219.95
  • 3 @ $ 214.95
Clearfil SE Bond 2 Value Pack
811-3272KA Kuraray America 3272KA
layers Contains exclamation Hazardous document-text SDS
$ 519.95
Clearfil SE Bond 2 Bond Refill 5mL
811-3281KA Kuraray America 3281KA
$ 146.95
Clearfil SE Bond 2 Primer Refill 6mL
811-3282KA Kuraray America 3282KA
$ 62.95
Clearfil SE Bond 2 Unit Dose
811-3286KA Kuraray America 3286KA
layers Contains document-text SDS
$ 279.95
Clearfil DC Self Etch Activator 4mL
811-3250KA Kuraray America 3250KA
exclamation Hazardous document-text SDS
$ 89.95
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