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Cetylite Industries

Varnal is a superior cavity varnish and tubuli seal. Varnal dries fast, hard, and is visible as a dull frosting on tooth surfaces when application is completed. Easily applied with a cotton pledget or brush, Varnal requires only one application. Varnal’s special solvent system retains solids in solution; therefore no separate thinner is ever required. Varnal ensures restoration success and tooth protection from restoration materials.

Features & Benefits:

  • One-step fast-drying cavity varnish
  • Protects dentin, penetrates, fills, and seals tubuli
  • Only one application required per tooth preparation
  • Tooth need not be dried prior to application
  • No burnishing required
  • Compatible with amalgams and other restoration materials
  • Won’t interfere with patient eating or drinking after procedure
  • No thinner required to maintain original viscosity
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